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Piece Of Mind Magazine™: Student Success Edition includes the following articles from mental health experts:

  • Mindfulness Practices for Students - Dr. Jeffry Bernstein, Ph.D.
  • 7 Ways to Deal with Cyberbullying - Kimberly Hershenson, LCSW
  • Creating a Routine for Stress Relief - Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham, DNP, PMHNP-BC
  • How to Stay Balanced During Major Life Changes - Renee Fabian
  • The Young Introvert's Social Survival Guide - April Snow, LMFT
  • A Guide to Discussing Your Mental Health with Loved Ones - Amber Benziger, MS, LPC
  • 12 Essential Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism - Sharon Martin, LCSW
  • Why Sleep Matters for Mental Health - Hilary Adams, Ph.D.
  • The Many Shades of Mental Health Student Story Feature - Anika Nayak
  • Imposter Syndrom Peer Piece - Tara Pattilachan
  • Self Love Can Change the World - Hannah Wiser
  • Feelings Wheel & How to Use it - Cyndi Collen, LCSW
  • Mood Food Q&A - Dr. Uma Naidoo, MD
  • 5 Negative Thought Patterns and How to Change Them - Brandy Thompson
  • Breathing Techniques 
  • Mental Health Books, Apps, Further Resources, and more!! 


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