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Why choose BroglieBox?

First and foremost, BroglieBox is a mental health company. We are a mission-driven company with a desire to help people in need. Unlike other gifting and care package companies, we specialize in being specifically in mental health and self-care. All the items, materials, resources, and tools that we package into our kits and boxes have a direct tie to mental health and self-care. We have an advisory team of more than 30 healthcare professionals that we consult and work with regularly to ensure that everything we are providing for you is in line with today’s current landscape.

By sending a BroglieBox kit or box, your organization is sending a message to your employees or clients that you truly care about their overall wellbeing and they aren’t just a number to you.

Each kit or box can be sent individually to home addresses, sent in bulk to your office, or a combination of both! All of our kits and boxes are hand-packed in our warehouse to ensure they are packed to look and feel the best they can. Each kit or box can also be shipped with a complimentary copy of our own Piece Of Mind Magazine, in which we have 5 different editions: Alleviate Anxiety, Stress Less, Wellness Warrior, Grief Relief, and a Student Edition. Each magazine contains articles, resources, and recommendations from 30+ mental health professionals. The Stress Less magazine is most popular amongst corporate clients and has articles on burnout prevention, conquering imposter syndrome, the importance of sleep, etc.We pride ourselves on being very hands-on and will work with you to help you choose the best options for your needs.We can work with you to help curate a box or kit for any budget! We have helped companies create packages from $25 to $250. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer a complimentary custom-designed postcard with your company logo and note to be included with each package. This has been an extremely popular option with our corporate clients, as it adds an extra layer of “personal touch” to each package.

We’re happy to include that as well. We can include printed information or even additional items that are specific to your organization in each package. In the past, we’ve included items like custom hand sanitizer, sunglasses, ink pens, stress balls, and more. We can also help give you custom recommendations for your particular program or special situation. 

Looking for specific items to include in your kit or box? Let us help you source it! We have a network of over 50 vendors that we work with on a regular basis. If there’s something you would like to include, let us know and we will help try to find the best pricing for it. 

We want to help you support your team or clients as quickly as possible! We will work with you to find the best timeline for your needs. As a general rule, and depending on the size of your order, we can typically fulfill your request between 3 and 35 days. This may increase slightly around major holidays and depend on suppliers supply chains. We will communicate with you on all aspects of timelines and make sure that you are kept informed if anything should change along the way.