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A quarterly subscription box


What's in the BroglieBox:

Every season, receive 6-7 full-sized items relating to mental health and stress relief within the following categories:

Mindfulness . Aromatherapy . Nutrition
Inspirational / Gratitude Physical Fitness Sleep 
Massage Feel Good Items Advice, Articles, and Guides from Mental Health Professionals

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Calm, Clarity, and 
Relaxation in Every Box

BroglieBox is an all-inclusive quarterly subscription box designed to promote optimal mental health and overall wellness. Each beautifully designed box includes full-size curated gift items such as essential oils, stress and anxiety combating tools, coloring therapy books, candles, aromatherapy, journals, calendars, self-help guides and more.

BroglieBox products are sourced from well-known health and wellness brands as well as small independent crafters and artisans. Each box also includes a quarterly issue of Piece of Mind Magazine, featuring timely and useful articles, guides and visual tools from a variety of published psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health bloggers. BroglieBox is an all-encompassing resource kit for those who need support or want to help someone else.

How It Works

1. Sign up today

Take a few minutes to sign up online by creating a login account. 

Each box will be delivered quarterly, on a subscription basis.

Membership space each quarter will be limited so secure your box today!

2. We do the research

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Let us spend the time researching the latest and greatest tools and resources out there.

We consult with the experts as well as try every product ourselves as an average consumer.

3. Unbox your box

Four times per year, receive or send someone a box filled with full-sized, self-care items as well as articles and resources directly from top psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts. Each quarter, the items inside the box change!

Stress relief… delivered

Order the box today and receive items like essential oils, stress balls, candles, aromatherapy, self-help guides and more, right to your door.



BroglieBox is a thoughtful, heart filled and evidence-based resource that can be purchased for a loved one or for oneself. For some, it will be a welcome stress relief tool. For others, it may be the first step in realizing they need professional treatment. BroglieBox can also be of use to those who don't have mental illness symptoms but who understand the value of self-care and stress management. If purchased as a gift, BroglieBox can also include a message from the giver or be sent anonymously.

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