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6 Pillars of Mental Wellness

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BroglieBox is a critical solution in the mental health crisis. We are unfortunately in a landscape in which individuals often wait weeks if not months to receive adequate care. Julia & Dustin are providing resources to assist in the alleviation of distress, tools to develop mental hygiene routines, and bridge individuals until they receive a higher level of professional care. What I truly love is the intention and evidence-based approach to curating each box.

Dr. Raghu Appasani, MD

The perfect resource for my clients

As a psychologist, there are 3 things I look for when recommending a resource to clients:
1. Whether it’s based in research and science
2. How easy it is for the client to implement in everyday life
3. How much it enhances individual coping skills
The Broglie Box checks all three! Plus, it helps people feel good about taking care of themselves. It’s an amazing intervention in and of itself!

Dr. Katie Arfa, Psy.D., NSCA-CPT

amazing gift for my sales team

Our employees LOVED the "stress less" box. After some deep research, we ultimately decided to go with BrogileBox because the items seemed like gifts employees would actually USE - not just toss or stuff away into some junk drawer. We worked with Dustin, who was extremely prompt with amazing communication. We'll be back for gift boxes, I'm sure!

Kathryn P.

Such a thoughtful box!

I sent this BroglieBox as a gift for someone currently struggling. Their message once received made me cry, as they were so appreciative of the BroglieBox. It was exactly what they needed, and it was the perfect gift to send when I didn't have all the right words to express that I was there for this person. Definitely going to continue buying these BroglieBoxes for anyone who needs a reminder that they're loved and for overall mental wellness. :)

Emily T.
about brogliebox

We were inspired to create BroglieBox after experiencing our own mental health challenges and losing co-founder Julia's brother to suicide. We imagined a new way to deliver support and connection in today’s hectic world in a way that feels warm, lighthearted, and fun.