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    1. What is in the BroglieBox?
      Each box includes 6-7 full size products that have been researched by the BroglieBox team as useful to improve mental clarity, wellbeing, and health.  Items fall into different categories such as aromatherapy, visual, tactile, writing, cognitive, nutrition, and fitness.  Additionally, each box contains the Piece of Mind Magazine featuring articles, guides, and visual aids from a variety of published psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health bloggers.  Each box contains up to $200+ worth of products!

    2. How often does BroglieBox get delivered?
      BroglieBox will be delivered quarterly (4 times per year).   If you sign up for a quarterly subscription, you will be charged automatically for the next box unless you cancel within the cancellation window.  If you sign up for annual subscription, you will be charged for an entire year's worth of boxes.

    3. Is shipping included?
      YES! Standard, domestic (US) shipping is included. 

    4. Can I cancel at any time?
      Yes, as long as you cancel within the cancellation window (2 weeks prior to the next box shipping).  We are sorry to see you go!  If you have feedback or comments, please email info@brogliebox.com

    5. Is it cheaper for me to sign up on an annual basis?
      Yes!  If you pay for a full year up-front, you save $25.

    6. Can I send a box as a gift? Can I send it anonymously?
      Yes! During the checkout process, you can select if this is a gift. You have the option to add a message or send the box anonymously. 

    7. What if I love an item that was sent and want to replenish my supply?
      There are two options. You can reference the insert that was included in the box to find out more details about each item and where you can buy it directly from our vendors. Or, you can go on our website to “past boxes” and the vendor information and links are available there!

    8. Is BroglieBox a replacement for therapy?
      BroglieBox is NOT intended to replace professional treatment.  If you are having an emergency call 911 or 1-800-273-TALK the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

    9. I write about topics related to mental health.  Can I submit an article to be featured in the Piece of Mind Magazine?
      Yes, please!  Email info@brogliebox.com for more information.

    10. I am a mental health professional and want to include BroglieBox info in my office to give to clients.  Where can I get some postcards with info?
      Thanks for helping us spread the word to those who might benefit from a BroglieBox.  Please email info@brogliebox.com to get information mailed to you.

    11. How do I change my address?
      Login to your BroglieBox account.  Click "Manage." Where it shows your current address, click edit and enter in the new shipping address.

    12. How do I cancel my subscription?
      We're sorry to see you go.  To cancel, login to your BroglieBox account.  Click "Manage." At the bottom right under the billing settings, click on "Subscription Settings" and it will give you the option to cancel.