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About BroglieBox

Our Story

Founder Julia Broglie was inspired to create BroglieBox after experiencing her own mental health challenges as a young adult and losing her older brother Justin to suicide when he was just 24. Both Julia and Justin suffered to varying degrees with anxiety, depression, and OCD, yet excelled in school and in their careers.

Justin's passing inspired Julia to imagine a new way to deliver support and connection to those struggling with stress and wanting to maintain their mental health in today's often impersonal world.

Our Promises

  • To provide an all-in-one package that includes educational resources, actionable steps and evidence-based tools to help recipients maintain mental health 

  • To foster a feeling of safety and reassurance for those feeling unstable or unequipped to manage their symptoms

  • To eliminate the stigma of mental illness as not a true illness or one that should be kept hidden  

  • To donate part of our profits to providing boxes to those in need.