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Build Your Own Box
Danielle Shearer
1000% worth the money

I spent over a week researching different uplifting/self care boxes for men. Because men are picky and def care is different for them! long story short, sent one of these to my ex boyfriend who is still my best friend. Would’ve made it myself but we don’t see eachother and I wanted it to be anonymous, he knew immediately it was me 😂 anyway, I’d send the box to any friend feeling down or needing a pick me up!!! And the owners/correspondents were exceptional at replying to emails quickly and following up!

Wonderful Surprise!

I loved the quality of products offered in this box. I plan on ordering more products for friends and family members.

Build Your Own Box
Emily Torchiana
Such an amazing gift!

I sent this BroglieBox as a gift for someone currently struggling. Their message once received made me cry, as they were so appreciative of the BroglieBox. It was exactly what they needed, and it was the perfect gift to send when I didn't have all the right words to express that I was there for this person. Definitely going to continue buying these BroglieBoxes for anyone who needs a reminder that they're loved and for overall mental wellness. :)

Affirm It! Kit
awesome gift

i love the cause these boxes support but i love the contents as well! gave it to a friend who is practicing leaving her life with more wellness and she seemed to love it.

Stress Less

Use it
It works

Grief Relief
Kimberly F.
My friend was really happy

My friend was really happy to have these things

Fits great

Fits great

some of our staff were confused re what this is...

A lot of staff reported that they did not understand what this is; they did not understand that it is a massage roller ball. Once I explained what it is, they thought it was really neat.

Love this hat!

I have been looking for a new hat forever, but I could never find one that was comfortable or fit properly. I am so glad I finally found this hat. It is very comfortable, adjustable, stylish, and 100% cotton too…And it reminds me to take a break and a deep breath when needed.

I take my hat off to you!

most comfy/stylish/anxiety reducing hat a person could wear!

Love it!

I love this coloring book. There are a lot of really neat pictures to color.

Great bag!

This bag is nice and sturdy. Great for storing my various wellness tools.

These are great!

Love these cards, personally, and I've received great feedback from the rest of our staff. Thanks!

Build a Box
Jule F.
Love the BroglieBoxes!!!

I was very happy with the BroglieBox that I built as a gift for my niece. It was just what she needed. Thank you.

Mother's Day Self Care Box
Sue P.
Sent this bro my sister

Sent this bro my sister in law...she absolutely loved it,
Especially the eye mask!

A helpful pick-me-up

Wow! Bought this as a gift for my husband a huge people person who is still stuck at home working. The articles and the mind-fullness cards have improved his self meditation. The putty is great while he is on his calls and zoom meetings. He said it was great to receive and not something he would have normally expected as a pick me up. Definitely recommend.

Build a Box
Angela V.
Loved this feature!

Loved this feature!

Students love this!

This was our organizations first time purchasing Broglieboxes, and it was an all-around perfect experience. The order was filled and shipped extremely quickly. The boxes are well-packaged and beautifully displayed. Our students loved everything about them, and so did we! We have determined that Broglieboxes will be a staple product offering for our students. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for our program and our students.

Build a Box
Peg G.
Loved being able to select

Loved being able to select specific items for the bag..only thing, my daughter had all the items I selected but she still loved getting replacements!
The items are fantastic!

Build a Box
Jt U.
My mother loved her Valentines

My mother loved her Valentines box! She’s loving the smell of the candle:heart:️

Grief Relief
Wendy H.

I loved everything about the box.

Focus Kit
Jordan C.
I love every single item

I love every single item in this bag! Thank you for the incredible work you do.

Build a Box
Allison M.
The most thoughtful packaging and

The most thoughtful packaging and gift! It is the perfect way to say “I’m thinking of you” or “I care about your well being”

Treat for myself

Loved all the selections. The little massage roller is AWESOME. The pinch me is great too. Both are handy as I WFH

Build a Box
Rosa F.
Love it,

Thank you,