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Awesome Products!!

This box was sent to me to use and incorporate into my teaching. It was such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. It was one of the best boxes that I ever received and I highly recommend it as a gift. Well worth the money, as it was jam packed with amazing things. Mine included teas and that was such a nice surprise.

Love this

This was included in the box that I received. It was a great addition to my box.

Awesome Products!!

There are amazing and I use them with my class all the time! Great products at

Build Your Own Box
Sarah Strawn
Love the 5 minute Journal

I sent an email a while ago to thank you for the Healthcare box I received be ause I am s nurse. The 5 minute Journal had my curiosity and I bought one husband and best friend got her a broglie box and the Journal. We all three started today. We are on a 6 month journal journey.
Thank you foe being this change into.our lives!

Ulla Hydration Reminder
Lauren Caggiano
Self-care made easy!

My friend loved the reminder, because it takes the guesswork out of remembering to stay hydrated.

Refreshing reminder

I live with ocd/anxiety that convinces me the bad what ifs. Having this positive what if reminder brings me so much joy and relief. The quality and size of the mirror cling is perfect, it was easy to apply and it’s overall the cutest little reminder to put anywhere. Highly recommend.

This Is Your Brain On Food By Dr. Uma Naidoo
Linda Pelton
Informative and Engaging

This book is clear, helpful and well designed to provide information on the effects of diet on the mind and body.

Affirm It! Kit
Shannon Manimtim

I have been ordering Broglie Box for the past 2 months on behalf of the company Meteorite for clients as thank you gifts. I have received good feedback and I enjoy knowing Broglie Box is fostering and promoting mental wellness.

Grief Support
Challen Cates
At a loss for words

When words can’t express your condolences, the grief box does. The recipient was comforted and touched by all of the thoughtful items included in this gift.

Perfect get well gift

I had fun customizing a get well present for my friend who was recovering from covid. There were so many great options! The box arrived quickly too. I would order again!

Grief Support
Saralee Sable
Very appropriate

My sister in law was very touched by the box. She especially appreciated the literature included. So glad I sent it to her.

julia torrey

Datexx Cube Timer

Build Your Own Box
Danielle Shearer
1000% worth the money

I spent over a week researching different uplifting/self care boxes for men. Because men are picky and def care is different for them! long story short, sent one of these to my ex boyfriend who is still my best friend. Would’ve made it myself but we don’t see eachother and I wanted it to be anonymous, he knew immediately it was me 😂 anyway, I’d send the box to any friend feeling down or needing a pick me up!!! And the owners/correspondents were exceptional at replying to emails quickly and following up!

Wonderful Surprise!

I loved the quality of products offered in this box. I plan on ordering more products for friends and family members.

Build Your Own Box
Emily Torchiana
Such an amazing gift!

I sent this BroglieBox as a gift for someone currently struggling. Their message once received made me cry, as they were so appreciative of the BroglieBox. It was exactly what they needed, and it was the perfect gift to send when I didn't have all the right words to express that I was there for this person. Definitely going to continue buying these BroglieBoxes for anyone who needs a reminder that they're loved and for overall mental wellness. :)

Affirm It! Kit
awesome gift

i love the cause these boxes support but i love the contents as well! gave it to a friend who is practicing leaving her life with more wellness and she seemed to love it.

Stress Less

Use it
It works

Grief Support
Kimberly F.
My friend was really happy

My friend was really happy to have these things

Fits great

Fits great

some of our staff were confused re what this is...

A lot of staff reported that they did not understand what this is; they did not understand that it is a massage roller ball. Once I explained what it is, they thought it was really neat.

Love this hat!

I have been looking for a new hat forever, but I could never find one that was comfortable or fit properly. I am so glad I finally found this hat. It is very comfortable, adjustable, stylish, and 100% cotton too…And it reminds me to take a break and a deep breath when needed.

I take my hat off to you!

most comfy/stylish/anxiety reducing hat a person could wear!

Love it!

I love this coloring book. There are a lot of really neat pictures to color.

Great bag!

This bag is nice and sturdy. Great for storing my various wellness tools.

Affirmator Cards
Steven F.
These are great!

Love these cards, personally, and I've received great feedback from the rest of our staff. Thanks!