The saying “You are what you eat” doesn’t just apply to our physical bodies. Your mind can also be affected by what you consume. Your GI tract contains billions of bacteria that produce neurotransmitters that send messages from your gut to your brain. When you eat healthy foods, the messages that your gut sends to your brain are positive and your emotions tend to match. When you eat junk food or food that is not high in nutritious content, the messages your gut sends to your brain become muddied and your mood can fluctuate. By eating healthy foods that fit within our individual needs, we can improve our ability to fight off illness, reduce the risk of disease, better our moods, and energy levels, decrease levels of anxiety, stress, and depression, improve concentration and attention span, and have an overall happier outlook on life.

build a box?

Did you know you can build your own box?

Start with a pre-made option, or from scratch!