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We Give Back.

BroglieBox Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) arm of the company which provides mental wellness boxes to a wide variety of people in need while enabling those who want to support the BroglieBox mission with a tax deductible donation.

After my brother Justin’s suicide, I made a commitment to help the overwhelmingly large number of people suffering with mental health challenges.  The tragedy of Justin’s death inspired me to imagine a new way to deliver support and connection to those struggling in today’s hectic, fast-paced and often impersonal world. Launching BroglieBox LLC has opened my eyes to how many resources are available for those in need. 

As an all-inclusive mental wellness package, BroglieBox is designed to promote optimal mental health and stress relief. Each carefully curated box includes full-size products and stress-relieving, anti-anxiety tools such as; essential oil aromatherapy, stress balls, fidget cubes, self-help books, candles, self-reflection journals, fitness items and more.  Best of all, the items included each quarter change so the recipient will have the opportunity to try many different tools.  Each box also includes a quarterly issue of our own thoughtfully designed magazine, Piece of Mind, which features timely and useful articles, guides and visual tools from a variety of published psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts. 

With BroglieBox Foundation, we now have the opportunity to get many of these desperately needed resources into the hands of those without the means as well as those who may not have easy access to these resources. We want to break this barrier and deliver BroglieBoxes in a warm and supportive way to those most vulnerable.

Your financial support is critical to our efforts. Your gift to the BroglieBox Foundation creates a ripple effect of positive change in someone else’s life.


Here are some examples of what your money can provide:

- $25,000+ provide 400 boxes or more to a graduating senior class from your high school or community of your choice
- $15,000 provides 65 military personnel suffering from PTSD with 1 year box subscriptions (4 boxes per person over the course of a year for a total of 280 boxes provided).
- $10,000 provides 100 families who have experienced a suicide loss with a grief relief box
- $5,000 provides boxes to 65 caregivers of the terminally or chronically ill
- $2,500 provides 8 college students with a 1 year BroglieBox subscription (4 boxes per year per person)
- $1,000 provides 15 boxes to a recovering addict
- $500 provides 6 boxes to domestic violence shelters
- $100 provides 1 box to a college mental health center

BroglieBox is happy to designate your financial contribution over $5000 to any community of your choice.


Any donation amount is appreciated and welcome.  Your contribution is tax deductible. 

For any questions or to pay by check, please email julia@brogliebox.com  

If you would like to be a recipient of a box from our Foundation, please email info@brogliebox.com to learn more about the application process.