How Relaxation Sparks Creativity

How Relaxation Sparks Creativity

By Monique Mendez
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We unlock creativity in our most relaxed moments. However, in our hectic daily lives, we may not find our creativity and instead feel completely stuck. Taking the time to truly relax and let our minds wander could incidentally make us the next great American novelist… or just get some ideas flowing.

Our Brain is Activated

When we find quiet moments in our lives to relax, our brain has a moment to catch up. In fact, our brains are most active when we are idle. Rather than focusing our thoughts on what is happening in the world, we can look inward and find clarity within ourselves.

For me, creativity can be found when I let my thoughts wander. Although my brain is actively thinking, I can stay mentally engaged on things other than homework or my email inbox. My favorite creative outlet, writing, helps me realize new thoughts and boosts my self-esteem.

In fact, I find writing and other forms of creativity to help my mental health because I feel more comfortable and confident in my abilities. What I am writing or producing is mine, all coming from my own imagination without limits.

Downtime Generates New Ideas

Relaxation is also a great avenue for generating new ideas. If you are stuck on a problem, downtime can help you make connections or explore unique solutions. With our brains activated, we can find insight on new projects or ideas.

I enjoy making website designs in my free time. Although many are not published, I find myself to be most creative when I can let my ideas flow. I relax and I create, no pressure added. Through this downtime, I can whip up fresh ideas that I might not have thought about before.

Previous Experiences Can be Inspirational

One of my greatest motivators of creativity is past experiences or thoughts. Look at the work you did previously and determine if this can be repurposed or added to. Also, any thoughts you may have thrown to the backburner can help you formulate new ideas.

I use previous experiences of mine to draw inspiration for my paintings or drawings. Because these are real events, it makes the creative process a bit easier, but I still add unique elements to make the art stand out.

Ultimately, creativity can be unleashed when we take the time to relax. Activating our brains, drawing on past experiences, and generating new ideas can help with the process. Regardless of your creative outlet, doing what makes you happiest will lead to a fulfilling life.

Monique is a college sophomore studying Advertising/Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. She loves spreading positive messages and creating positive change through her writing.

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