Mental Health In The Workplace

Mental Health In The Workplace

By Victoria Fantom

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4 Ways to Promote Mental Health in the Workplace

For most human beings, work plays a significant role in their lives. We spend a majority of our time there, so having the mental support that we need from our employers allows for promoting positive mental health in our workplace. Supporting employee mental health in the workplace positively affects both the employee and the business. This article focuses on 4 ways to promote mental health in the workplace. 

Negative work environments can have detrimental effects on individuals such as mental health challenges. Negative work environments can stem from bad communication, leadership and management. It can also come from lack of acknowledgement, recognition, and rewarding employees. Strong mental health practices in the workplace increases employees productivity, job performance and overall physical and mental well being. 

1. Offering Screening Tools in the Workplace

Many individuals experience stress and mental health challenges in the workplace, but they have no way to identify and track their symptoms, which could negatively affect both their mental health and their work. Offering screening tools to employees to assess symptoms allows for promoting mental health in the workplace because it allows them to manage their stress and mental health symptoms, and prevents a negative work environment. Mental Health America (MHA) offers a free screening tool that allows individuals to self-assess symptoms they are experiencing that may be associated with a mental health condition. 

2. Having Mental Health PTO Days 

When you’re sick, or plan a vacation, you are usually offered Paid Time Off (PTO) days by your employer. Many employers are starting to offer mental health PTO days, for people who need to take a day off to improve their mental health. What if there was no shame in telling your boss that your brain is in need of a day off, rather than pretending to “call out sick?” There is no stigma associated with physical health when our bodies tell us we need to take a sick day, and the same should apply for our brains when we need a mental health day.  Allowing employees to openly have mental health PTO days promotes positive mental health in the workplace and increases motivation and productivity in their work. 


3. Having Mental Health Services Covered by Health Insurance

Many people are not seeking out mental health services due to the fact that it is not covered by their health insurance carrier. Therapy and other mental health services can be costly if mental health services are not covered by health insurance plans. The out of pocket cost for these services can cost up to $250 per session. If employers are able to contract with a health insurance company that provides mental health service coverage, they are promoting mental health in their workplace and this will prevent a negative work environment. 

4. Equipping Employees with Mental Wellness Resources 

Send the right message to your team by giving them a gift that matters. What better way to promote mental health in the workplace than by sending a self-care kit? BroglieBox offers the option to build and customize mental wellness boxes, and employees can use these tools to help relieve stress that they may be feeling throughout the work day. There are kits offered that are tailored to promote workplace wellness. Specifically, the Focus Kit helps to keep employees focused on their work, which betters their mental health. The Stress Less Kit offers tools for managing stress that they may experience in their work. Each BroglieBox comes with the option to add in the Piece of Mind Magazine, which is a booklet of wellness resources. The “Stress Less” edition includes articles focused on burnout prevention, perfectionism, the importance of sleep, and further resources that employees can easily access.

It is normal to have stressful days at work, but when there is lack of support and resources for employees, this can negatively impact their mental health and make getting up and going to work hard. It is important to prevent burnout in employees and for this reason, promoting mental health in the workplace holds value and significance to all. 

Victoria Fantom, MS in Clinical Psychology


Victoria Fantom is a mental health advocate and recently obtained a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology degree. Due to her own personal struggles, she has always been passionate about bringing change to a world where stigma is surrounding mental health. She is passionate about helping others who are struggling with their mental health by promoting psychoeducation and resources.

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