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Screening Tool for Mental Health

Posted by Julia Broglie on
Screening Tool for Mental Health

MindWise Innovations has partnered with us to bring their mental health screening tool free to any visitors of the BroglieBox website!

MindWise Screenings are designed to provide a safe and anonymous way for individuals to check in on their behavioral health. Our validated screening tools allow your community members to take self-assessment questionnaires for 10 mental health conditions: depression, anxiety, substance use disorder (including opioids, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, inhalants, and more), alcohol use disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, gambling disorder, and adolescent depression (to be completed by parent or guardian).

We know the importance of prevention when it comes to physical illness. Routine checkups, screenings, and general awareness can be effective strategies to recognize early signs of disease and increase chances of recovery. The same is true of mental illness. Early identification of behavioral health needs can lead to early diagnosis and treatment, which results in an improved quality of life. When treatment is initiated in the later, more severe stages of mental illness, it can become costly not only to the individual, but also to the community at large.

Please click here to launch the screening tool.

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