How To Easily Create A Gratitude Practice

How To Easily Create A Gratitude Practice

You've been hearing about it for years... practicing gratitude has many positive benefits.   Maybe you don't know where to begin to start incorporating gratitude into your daily routine.  It's not that you aren't thankful, but you'd like to figure out an easy way to practice gratitude every single day.  Look no further, because we have listed three easy ways to incorporate gratitude into your every day life.  Once you start practicing gratitude more consistently, it will be hard to remember a time before. 


Benefits of practicing gratitude:


3 types of gratitude


2. Expressing Gratitude

It is equally beneficially for the person expressing the gratitude as it is for the person who is receiving it. 

3. Self gratitudes

When is the last time you thanked yourself?  You have been through so much, make sure you are 


3 Easy Ways to Create a Consistent Gratitude Practice

1. Tackle it before you leave bed

Before you get out of bed everyday 

2. Make a Gratitude Jar

Watch your cup fill up...literally.  Every day you can write somethig in the gratitude jar, fold it up, and drop it in.  Once the jar is completely full, you can pull the notes out and re-read what you wrote.  This is also a great activity to do as a family or with a significant other. 

PS: if you don't want to make your own, you can purchase a BroglieBox Gratitude jar which comes complete with a mini pencil and mini notepad.


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